Shut Down Negative, Inspire Yourself

     The madness out there could make you sad or slow tour creative side.  Stress from work tightens the blood flow with thoughts of “what’s next”.   But it is necessary to find some time to inspire yourself, for doing the things you like and working on what you desire.  


     The bad things happening outside may close your vision, limit your thinking and lose hope.  But there is so much more out there, so much more to be positive about.  The best thing I’ve learned throughout the years, is to get involved in the arts.  Whether it’s acting, singing, painting, compose music or dancing, it opens your mind to working on your future, what you truly want.  Get out there, be safe, but explore the World.  It has so many beautiful places, new perspectives, new views and inspiring things to learn.  


     Never let yourself get stuck in one place, one idea, one state of mind.  Always look for more, for in the more, you may find the most beautiful things and opportunities.  Search for that golden edge, that peak of success you want so much.  But that thing you want is Out There, a chance for you to reach such destination and create that door of opportunity.  

Remember, sometimes you need to create your own chances, opportunities, your own doors to walk through.  Things don’t wait for you, they come and you either accept or not.  I recommend you choose to take that grasp of fairy dust and jump right onto creating your future, what you wish.  

Always remember my words:

“Every ‘dream’ is not really a dream, but a reality that is waiting for you to create it.” 
GET OUT THERE!  Inspire yourself and inspire others through what you do.  

Jess O. Rubio

Film Maker & Actor


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