Keep Searching, Make A Mark


Yes!  Keep searching for the things you want, when they don’t show up.  Keep making great achievements by working on what you want.  Study the ways to get to your dreams, and head to those paths.  Remember to fight for that thing you wish the most, it won’t fall from heaven.  Go straight to the point, and refine your stuff, put effort on the details and create special new things.  


Always be yourself and make your creations bright. Let them be your trademark, things that are distinctively yours.  You want your past, present and future to shine with your style.  Don’t be afraid to put it out there, to paint it with your own design and liking.  People will appreciate that sooner or later, and you’ll feel happier with yourself, more free.  Why?  Because you’re taking full freedom on forging what you want, you got the handle in your hands and no one can ay anything about it.  Either they like it or they don’t.  Either way, you’ll know what works better.  But there will always be someone who like what you do, the way you are and what you design.  


Be different, in our black and white world, be a prism of change, of standing out and shine.  Be brave and paint your environment with your art, your fashion style, your ways of communicating and improving the way things are.  


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