What We Do, Who We’ll Be


Only through our good actions we can find real beauty.  The vibes, the feels each being gets when doing something right for another is where perfection can be felt.  That instant of personal evolution, of doing what’s truly correct, not getting any regrets at all.  That’s when we become beautiful, for our bodies are a vessel for our consciousness (the energy with intelligence) that makes our body and organs move, feel and experience life.  


Isn’t it wonderful when we go into that positive channel?  Everything seems like a good chance, nothing bad can affect you, because you see the good things in the negatives.  And that is how we should aspire to be every day, looking for the brightness that sometimes could be hidden in our day.  Due to our jobs, very bad attitudes from people, negative vibes or other things, we are consumed by all that energy.  Cut it off, change your channel, get away from those people, fill yourself with good things and keep your head positive.  Actually, one thing that helps a lot is going out, where nature surrounds you.  Plants, flora in general, have a magical healing process, restoring your emotional and mental peace, it is really amazing.  Whenever you feel tired or stressed, go somewhere that is surrounded by trees or a pretty landscape.  A park is good too, be safe though, always stay alert, but enjoy this time with yourself and breath deeply a lot of times.  Refreshment will be on your way.

-Jess O. Rubio


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