Sitting down in a quiet place, maybe some music in the background to help you relax, is the best way for your mind to work and flow. Actually, cafés are great for this, especially for creating and writing your good stuff. The balanced atmosphere and private space inspires anyone to focus and see things not normally appearing inside your comfort zone. It is essential to get out of your bubble, your house or apartment, and get inventive.  Seeing people realizing anything could give you the most great ideas you could ever imagine, even the space you’re in could draw a perfect image for a book or film.

Drink a cup of coffee, or some other drink that could help you relax, but also stimulate your mind.  Remember, designing new ideas and projects definitely makes you feel better.  It’s a time focused on you, your things, your details, your sacred space.  I would recommend a frappuccino, or a nice fruit juice, for it keeps you alert and feeling healthy. NO Sodas, even though some might contain caffein, do prevent using these.


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