Among Difficulties, Push

If you find yourself between hard times and stress, there’s a big possibility you have no time to think about what could go better.  But it’s during this time you must push yourself to be more positive towards your future; the same way you push yourself to work, to battle your problems; push yourself to see clearer, to admire what could go better, and don’t let the darkness of this world take you away.  


Enjoy everything that surrounds you!  Of course, your boss may try to bring your happy bubble down (they tend to do that), but despite all the things that happen during your day, push yourself with some adrenaline and be positive. Sometimes we might feel stuck inside this numbness and sadness inside ourselves; it actually can take anyone rapidly without even noticing it; but once you start giving yourself a wakeup call to see things better, you will see the difference.  

WAKE UP!  BE HAPPY!  Jumping sometimes works, running might help you too. Adrenaline gives you energy and releases stress, that means it helps get your mood up.  Even sports or anything related to physical movement not only makes you healthier, but it improves your mood, it makes you feel better.  


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