A World Shifting

Our World is shifting too quickly, so quickly that we might not even know what’s happening. Everything goes as fast as the speed of sound. Our lives are so busy and filled with so many distractions, we barely see or feel anything. Therefore, we look for things that might give us a bit more of an edge, adrenaline or stamina. We lack inspiration due to the terrible things that have been going on recently.

A world doesn’t change with waiting, with expecting. A world is changed by acting, by doing, by moving. We all want peace, but we have to give peace in order to get it as well. Then again, you might’ve noticed that selfishness has had a very huge growth iver the past few years in our society. And even though it’s good to care for yourself, one must not forget that we have to care for each other too.

Trouble’s around, what should we do if nothing is done? Let’s be better, let’s be peacemakers with everything. We know that we all need it so much.


It’s Up To Us

The lack of power, stamina, energy, inspiration and hope due to a monster that struck many lands and wiped them out may feel like you’ve died. It feels like you’ve been separated from everything you’ve known your entire life and suddenly you are alone in the World. Everything we know of technology was put aside, we all took a few steps backwards and corruption erupted on plain sight. Although this was all visible, among the suffering of thousands, evil behaviors towards other humans beings took the spotlight. And it was here where we all saw the lack of capacity of many people to have empathy towards other living beings who are suffering. Evolution has somewhat ripped the human body and mind of empathy, becoming more self-important and careless, rather than generous and caring.  

It is a very harsh time, and we are all guilty of these situations happening worldwide. We are the ones who do what is wrong or look to the other side when something bad is happening. It is up to us to change this abysmal pattern that is leading to our extinction, we must take action and become more caring and empathetic. It is vital to protect and love others, to increase positivity and lock the negative out.  

You have a key and you’re a component to our World’s life. Let’s make the World more positive, loving, accepting and peaceful. 

Among Difficulties, Push

If you find yourself between hard times and stress, there’s a big possibility you have no time to think about what could go better.  But it’s during this time you must push yourself to be more positive towards your future; the same way you push yourself to work, to battle your problems; push yourself to see clearer, to admire what could go better, and don’t let the darkness of this world take you away.  


Enjoy everything that surrounds you!  Of course, your boss may try to bring your happy bubble down (they tend to do that), but despite all the things that happen during your day, push yourself with some adrenaline and be positive. Sometimes we might feel stuck inside this numbness and sadness inside ourselves; it actually can take anyone rapidly without even noticing it; but once you start giving yourself a wakeup call to see things better, you will see the difference.  

WAKE UP!  BE HAPPY!  Jumping sometimes works, running might help you too. Adrenaline gives you energy and releases stress, that means it helps get your mood up.  Even sports or anything related to physical movement not only makes you healthier, but it improves your mood, it makes you feel better.  

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Sitting down in a quiet place, maybe some music in the background to help you relax, is the best way for your mind to work and flow. Actually, cafés are great for this, especially for creating and writing your good stuff. The balanced atmosphere and private space inspires anyone to focus and see things not normally appearing inside your comfort zone. It is essential to get out of your bubble, your house or apartment, and get inventive.  Seeing people realizing anything could give you the most great ideas you could ever imagine, even the space you’re in could draw a perfect image for a book or film.

Drink a cup of coffee, or some other drink that could help you relax, but also stimulate your mind.  Remember, designing new ideas and projects definitely makes you feel better.  It’s a time focused on you, your things, your details, your sacred space.  I would recommend a frappuccino, or a nice fruit juice, for it keeps you alert and feeling healthy. NO Sodas, even though some might contain caffein, do prevent using these.

What We Do, Who We’ll Be


Only through our good actions we can find real beauty.  The vibes, the feels each being gets when doing something right for another is where perfection can be felt.  That instant of personal evolution, of doing what’s truly correct, not getting any regrets at all.  That’s when we become beautiful, for our bodies are a vessel for our consciousness (the energy with intelligence) that makes our body and organs move, feel and experience life.  


Isn’t it wonderful when we go into that positive channel?  Everything seems like a good chance, nothing bad can affect you, because you see the good things in the negatives.  And that is how we should aspire to be every day, looking for the brightness that sometimes could be hidden in our day.  Due to our jobs, very bad attitudes from people, negative vibes or other things, we are consumed by all that energy.  Cut it off, change your channel, get away from those people, fill yourself with good things and keep your head positive.  Actually, one thing that helps a lot is going out, where nature surrounds you.  Plants, flora in general, have a magical healing process, restoring your emotional and mental peace, it is really amazing.  Whenever you feel tired or stressed, go somewhere that is surrounded by trees or a pretty landscape.  A park is good too, be safe though, always stay alert, but enjoy this time with yourself and breath deeply a lot of times.  Refreshment will be on your way.

-Jess O. Rubio



After graduation, it is completely normal to feel like you don’t know what to do next.  For this mystery of the next step is always so thrilling and full of new events and deep emotions.  It is essential to plan what door to open next, ask yourself: “What do I want with my life? What’s my next goal?”  Always set new ideas in motion, and work for them to happen.  Your dreams can only get real if you work for them to become palpable.  Get involved in everything that will help you grow positively, that will teach you cool stuff and that you’re happy with all the new things coming along.


Create and draw what you wish, make it physical, write it down and come up with a super plan for yourself.  Remember, as you work, you also need to enjoy what you do.  Make it your own, OWN IT!  Put your mark on the things you do, transform them into inspiring and vibrant pieces of art.

-Jess O. Rubio

A Better Environment


If you’re constantly in one place, make sure you remodel it every once in a while.  It is very healthy and inspiring to change the view of things.  Improve your workspace, repaint or buy ornaments for it.  Give it soothing or soft colors, remember you need to relax as much as possible while being happy too.  

Usually, blue, light green or yellow are calming and happy colors.  Red or Orange tend to be more vibrant or shocking, which could cause a bit of stress.  While white is commonly used for that “heavenly” look, it could cause stress as well.  I recommend you put some color to things, as long as it doesn’t look “too much”. 

Make it pretty, make it simple.  Good luck and have fun!  Get creative.  
-Jess O. Rubio

Be Good, Feel Good


Be good to others and yourself!  Always keep that in mind, as everything you do comes back at you as a reward for your actions.  It is vital and very very important to give peace to others and inspire them.  Even your emotional state might drastically change if you’re feeling stuck somewhere, at some point.  Everything works like a boomerang, even networking on every job.


If you learn to pay attention to what people are trying to say, they will eventually listen to you.  And even if they don’t, just do.  Be different, be kind and warm hearted, make the day easier for people.  You never know what these people are going through, at least do the right thing as you would them to do with you.  To receive something, you must first give.

Good afternoon and have a nice week!

– Jess O. Rubio