Age: 22     Hair Color: Brown     Eye Color: Hazel, Light Brown     Height: 5’8″

Weight: 132 lb.


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Acting Experience:

  • Jaque-Mate“, theater play by Mariesther I. Muñoz (2017)
  • Vehemencia“, a short film by Derick Acosta.  (Winner of 5 film awards, including Best Script, Best Director & Best Cinematography) [2017]
  • Estela“, a short film by Jess O. Rubio (2016)
  • The Killing Joke Monologue“, a non-profit short film by Jess O. Rubio
  • The Other Side“, a short non-profit film by Jess O. Rubio
  • Sprite Horrors” Commercial (2016)
  • The Preppie Connection” (Background Actor, 2014)
  • Crossbones” TV Series (Background Actor, 2013)
  • Etreum” (Film, 2013)
  • John Robert Powers Talent Showcase (2013)

Film Editor: